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Reach potential blockchain investors with a customized blockchain marketing strategy.

Markovate has helped over 35+ blockchain-based platforms with their launch and adaption. We help startups and enterprises target relevant audiences using STO Marketing and ICO Marketing strategies.

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Blockchain marketing strategy - 3 phase approach

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Create a blockchain marketing plan to provide a turnkey solution to boost brand reach and awareness.

Execute a pre-launch blockchain marketing campaign using top-tier media relations, investor outreach, and blockchain advertising.

Run viral blockchain marketing campaigns to capture and improve brand reputation in the crypto-industry.

What is Blockchain?

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Blockchain uses cryptography to store every transaction on the chain in a decentralized database. The practice is similar to traditional encrypting and decrypting of messages used by parties who do not want their messages exposed. Blockchain-based transactions are recorded on distributed properties and can be assessed by trusted parties, all of which have access to the information. A user’s authenticity is verified in advance and can be checked by other users. With blockchain, the information is securely stored on blocks, allowing each party to share information without any risk of data leaks or exposure.

ICO Marketing

With ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, individuals can invest in a project and buy its coins. ICO marketing involves attracting investors to ICO events and pitching the coin’s growth and sustainability in future markets. Markovate helps create a blockchain marketing plan for ICO pre-launch, launch, token sale and post-launch. We also help with digital campaigns, websites, whitepapers, investor pitches and investor outreach for raising funds.

STO Marketing

STOs are asset-backed and comply with government regulations, meaning the barrier to entry for companies is higher than if they were to offer ICOs. STO marketing, in turn, includes more emphasis on legal compliance, as well as detailed information to answer all questions from investors. Markovate helps STO platforms by framing a clear marketing message on marketing communication channels. We also help with investor outreach for STO token sales.

What does Markovate offer?

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ICO/STO Essentials

We deliver optimal solutions: from essentials to the successful launch of your ICO/STO Project. We help our clients develop professional documents and systems that will display your ICO/STO prominently in the market. We prepare competitor analysis and set you up for success with suitable investors. You’ll have access to a wide range of blockchain advisors, experts, and investors. We create fully-developed websites including design, copywriting, and tools that measure the website’s success.

  • Full STO Preparation
  • STO Investment Audit
  • Investor’s Dashboard
  • Smart Contract Creation
  • CyberSecurity for STO Package

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Branding & Community Management

Community management is critical for any ICO/STO Project. Markovate will assign dedicated resources to ensure that member questions are attended to 24/7 and answered within a reasonable time period. Beyond answering questions, our team will be proactive in keeping the community engaged with content and updates about the project. We also moderate and fight spammers within your community.

  • Social Media Management
  • Community Management
  • Innovative Growth Hacks
  • Handwritten Quality Content

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Tier 1 PR & Blog Submission

We consistently post high-quality content across multiple channels including top trending websites and media outlets. Our team has copywriters who write and edit press releases and blogs with your feedback. Blog posts will be SEO optimized and have eye-catching graphics to explain your project’s concepts.

  • Tier 1 Media PRs
  • Global Placements
  • Submission to 100+ Publications
  • SEO-Optimized Blog Posts

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Influencer Marketing

Your ICO/STO Project is reviewed and promoted by vloggers on YouTube with a large and relevant subscriber base. Your project is highlighted in front of qualified investors and professionals from the crypto field. Using their brand recognition and rankings on various platforms, your project will be placed in higher standing than competitors.

  • YouTube Vlogger Reviews
  • Project Reviews on Websites with High DA
  • Increase Project Reach
  • Influence Relevant Audiences

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Retargeting & Email Marketing

We guide our customers on relevant automation tools that help them target their customers at different stages of the purchase funnel or nurture leads. We set up your marketing campaigns, manage them and help you build your list. Once we have your list, we work on creating different segments of your customer base and further customizing messages to each group.

  • Email List Growth Hacks
  • Email List Segmentation
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Email Automation

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Why our clients love Us

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Full-stack Marketing Team

We help you from idea to launch phase of your STO/ICO. Even after delivering initial marketing strategies tailored to your company, we don’t stop there. We’re already coming up with innovative ideas and growth hacks to take your existing promotional plans to the next level.

We're Masters at What We Do

Markovate has helped raise over 8 million dollars for their clients. We love what we do and have substantial knowledge and domain experience.

We Stand Out

There are a lot of marketing companies out there, but not all of them practice what they preach. Our portfolio speaks for itself as proof of our deep understanding and expert skills in ICO/STO Marketing.

We Connect with Top Tier Companies

We have connections with top tier companies and can make sure you are listed on websites with high trust ratings and traffic in the millions. We ensure that you reach the maximum amount of your potential customers.

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